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Heathen Crafts LLC is a pagan-family owned company motivated under one mission in mind; to build a retreat for pagans, witches and wanderers to heal, connect with nature, practice their craft and be free from judgement.

This website is the hub for this endeavor as well as the shop for magical creations to help fuel the fire to get us there.


Here, you can book energy services, shop for hand made art and magical tools, request spell work and more. You can also donate to help support the future projects from this community!


We also have a presence on youtube where you can follow along with for updates and a Patreon if you wish to get behind the scenes information, discounted goods and help support this journey even further!  

All of our magical creations are crafted utilizing various forms of magic we have studied. Our unique, one of a kind pieces are cleansed and charged using ethically sourced crystals and herbs as well as our own channeled energy.

Donations are received with gratitude via CashApp: $runastrong 

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